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Fundamentals of Kayaking

Whether you have paddled for years, or are just beginning, solid fundamentals are the key to fun and safety on the water. In this half day class you will learn about kayaking equipment & safety, how to exit an overturned kayak, and the basics of boat movement & control. This innovative course focusses on building “Core Principles of Paddlesports”. The core principles are techniques that apply to all strokes allowing you to understand how to maneuver your boat in a variety of conditions with less effort & greater results. This is an instructional experience you won’t find anywhere else.

Cost: $65 Time: 3 hours, Equivalent to ACA Level 1 skills

No prerequisites required

2017 Dates: May 6th, 27th, June 10th, 25th, July 8th, 23rd, 29th, August 13th, 19th, 27th, September 10th, 23rd & October 21st

Skills for Touring & Play

Southern New England is filled with estuaries and ponds to explore. Expound upon our “Core Principles” and apply new context in different environments. Need some help on your rescue skills or improving your boat control? This course will give you exactly what you need. We will focus on more complex boat movement including edging, the basics of navigation and rescues. Everybody will go home having learned something new.

Cost: $95 Time: 4 Hours, Equivalent to ACA Level 2 skills

No prerequisites required

2017 Dates: May 13th, June 3rd, 17th, July 1st, 15th, August 5th, 26th, September 2nd, 17th, October 7th & 22nd

Introduction to Open Water Paddling

Prerequisite: Fundamentals of Kayaking, Skills for Tour and Play or similar experience.

This course is all about unlocking new venues and expanding your skill set. Paddling away from protected waters presents a number of challenges for any paddler, and with a little work on boating technique, getting out on the coastline can be a blast. Learn to read sea state, maneuver in complex environments and handle the waves and wind. It’s all about challenging your fundamentals in a more dynamic environment. Come in with experience, leave with a new sense of curiosity.

Cost: $115.00 Time: 6 Hours, Equivalent to ACA Level 3 skills

Prerequisite: Fundamentals of Kayaking, Skills for Tour and Play or similar experience.

2017 Dates: May 20th, June 24th, July 16th, August 6th, September 3rd, October 8th

Basic Navigation

On an east wind, should you paddle close to the east or west shore? What does a good float plan look like? How do you orient a chart? If you want answers to any of these questions and many more like them, our basic navigation class may be a great place to start. The course is designed to take the student from the most basic understanding to a solid foundation working with charts, plotting courses, and preparing for trips. These skills are valuable to any paddler.

Cost: $55.00, Time 3 hours

2017 Dates: April 30th…more dates TBA


Want to feel comfortable in your kayak in most any situation? The roll is indisputably the best self rescue! While the roll is simple to perform, it can be awkward to learn. Our instructors will break down the elements of the roll into individual skills and troubleshoot your performance so that your roll becomes automatic. Aside from the tremendous sense of accomplishment you’ll get from learning to roll, you’ll find that skills like bracing and edging your kayak will improve as well. This one technique can provide the confidence you need to push all your skills to the next level!

Cost: $79.00 Time: 2 hours, Equivalent to ACA Level 3 skills

Prerequisites – Fundamentals of Kayaking or similar experience

2017 Dates:

Open Water Skills and Play

We will teach you to surf the rocks and rock the surf. Master the elements and fine tune your skills with techniques that will open up a new view on paddling in coastal conditions. This class is for people who already know how to maneuver their boats in wind and waves and can perform deep- water assisted re-entries. Don’t think sea kayaking is an adrenaline sport? We’ll show you otherwise and have a blast doing it!

Cost: $125.00, Time: 6 hours, Equivalent to ACA Level 3 & 4 skills

Prerequisites: Introduction to Open Water Paddling or similar experience.

2017 Dates: May 28th, June 25th, August 12th, September 30th

Kayak Surfing 101

Experience the thrill that is surfing. This course will introduce you to the dynamics of the surf zone: safety, equipment and essential paddling skills. We will focus on the basics: catching, riding, and getting off the wave. Sit-on-top surf kayaks will be used.

Please be advised, surf kayaking takes place in a dynamic environment and therefore has a higher risk factor. Surf 101 is condition dependent, call ahead for reservations.

Cost: $79 Time: 3 hours, Prerequisites – Fundamentals of Kayaking or similar experience

Dates: April 30th, May 14th,21st, September 9th, 30th, October 14th & 29th.

Summer sessions available upon request (conditions dependent) call to schedule.

Private Instruction

Private instruction is tailored to suit your learning style, pace, and schedule. One on one sessions allow us to address your specific needs enabling you to progress at an accelerated rate. Private instruction is available for most tours & instructional programs. We are also happy to create a program that works for you or your group. Give us a call to discuss scheduling options.

Rates: One hour $75.00, Additional hours $50.00

Available upon request, call to schedule.

Specialty Classes:

Next to our wide lens approach to the fundamentals, we still offer skills specific programming. Check our Special Clinics page for more programs! Don’t see something you’d like? Suggest it! We’re always looking for new ideas

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