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Fundamentals of Kayaking

Whether you have paddled for years, or are just beginning, solid fundamentals are the key to fun and safety on the water. In this half day class you will learn about kayaking equipment & safety, how to exit an overturned kayak, and the basics of boat movement & control. This innovative course focuses on building “Core Principles of Paddlesports”. The core principles are techniques that apply to all strokes allowing you to understand how to maneuver your boat in a variety of conditions with less effort & greater results. This is an instructional experience you won’t find anywhere else.

Cost: $65  Time: 3 hours,  Equivalent to ACA Level 1 skills
Dates: See Calendar for upcoming classes.

Rescues Workshop

Solid rescue skills create safety and confidence on the water. In this rescue class we will show the fundamentals of rescue technique in a flat water environment. Expect to cover self-rescues, T-rescues, spotting techniques, and tactics for getting paddlers back in their boats. This course is a great opportunity for any kayaker getting into the sport. No prerequisites required

Time: 3hrs     Cost:$79.00
Dates: See Calendar for upcoming classes.

Essential Touring Skills

With solid flat water kayak skills on board, it’s time to apply them to the context! This course will focus on boat control and movement in the context of wind, swell, and current. Expect to revisit the fundamentals of paddlesport, and be introduced to different methods for rescues, launching, and landing. Content is designed for paddlers who are new to ocean environments, or are looking to improve their performance and personal safety. This is a great follow up to a kayak fundamentals course. No Prerequisites required.

Cost: $125  Time: 6 Hours
Dates: See Calendar for upcoming classes.

Basics of Navigation and Trip Planning

This classroom session is designed to get paddlers acquainted with the forces of wind, tide, current, and swell. We will introduce tactics for predicting conditions, as well as strategies to make your days on the water as efficient as possible. Activities will include route finding, as well as working with charts and navigational tools.

Cost: $45  Time: 3 hrs
Dates: See Calendar for upcoming classes.

Kayak Surfing 101

Experience the thrill that is surfing. This course will introduce you to the dynamics of the surf zone: safety, equipment and essential paddling skills. We will focus on the basics: catching, riding, and getting off the wave. Sit-on-top surf kayaks will be used.

Please be advised, surf kayaking takes place in a dynamic environment and therefore has a higher risk factor. Surf 101 is condition dependent, call ahead for reservations.

Cost: $79 Time: 3 hours, Prerequisites – Fundamentals of Kayaking or similar experience
Dates: See Calendar for upcoming classes.

Long Term Paddler Development Card

This package is the perfect fit for individuals looking to get a comprehensive education in paddlesport. Card benefits include 5 private half day sessions, and 20% off regularly scheduled clinics. Additionally we will keep you posted about pertinent course offerings and upcoming events. Card expires December 31st, 2018.

Cost: $675.00

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