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Kid’s Intro to Kayak

Our kids class is a great way to introduce your child to the sport of kayaking. Designed with fun and water safety as primary goals, we teach students through a variety of games and exploration. Our experienced, certified instructors teach basic strokes, how to get in and get out of the kayak safely, and what to do when you capsize. Kids Kayak 1 classes are taught in sit on top kayaks in quiet, age appropriate environments. For children 9 – 11 years.

Time : 2 hours, Cost: $49.00
Dates: See Calendar for upcoming classes

Kids Sea Kayaking

This class introduces kids to the basics of sea kayaking in a hands-on, action-packed setting. Our certified instructors have experience teaching children and will make sure your kids have a blast! All our classes emphasize fun & safety on the water. We begin with an on-land introduction to equipment and basic paddle strokes. After that, we get on the water and use games and instructional sessions to develop our skills while having fun and exploring our environment.This class focuses on basic strokes, directional control, safety and rescue techniques. We use traditional youth sized sea kayaks on this class.

For children 12-14 years

Time: 3 hours, Cost: $59.00
Dates: See Calendar for upcoming classes.

Kids Intro To  SUP 

Do your kids love the water? Then they will love Stand up paddling. Get them started right with our SUP for Kids course. We will cover basic strokes, stance, board control, and safety while building confidence and having fun exploring the river. For children 11 to 14 years old.

Time: 1.5 hours, Cost: $50
Dates: See Calendar for upcoming classes.

Multiday Paddlesports Program

Keep your kids moving & having fun with our Summer Paddlesports Programs. Kayaking & Stand Up Paddling will help improve your child’s balance, confidence, and awareness of their natural environments all while having a ton of fun. Our experienced instructors teach kayaking and SUP skills & safety through a variety of games, group activities, and exploration all presented in a way that’s appealing to their age group and skill level.  We make it easy so they come away feeling empowered and successful their first day! We do not require that children are strong swimmers but, we recommend they are comfortable being in the water to ensure fun experience – everyone wears a lifejacket – all the time. Our Paddlesports Program is for kids entering 6th, 7th & 8th grades.

Cost: $195.00 includes 3 half days of instruction and rental equipment
Dates: See Calendar for upcoming classes.

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